Internet Marketing in Sri Lanka.

Digital Marketing Sri Lanka
11Jan, 2018

Why use digital marketing in 2018?

Digital marketing is a tool that can share your business  with potential customers and both clients. In Sri Lanka, most of customers prefer to boost their business through out digital marketing campaigns like Email marketing and social medial marketing. Small business customers are willing to migrate traditional marketing tools into digital marketing tools. But they  concern about costing for digital marketing  tools. They are not still know end results that carry out by  efficient digital marketing methodologies in Sri Lanka.

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Small Business Digital Marketing Methods

Email Marketing.

Email marketing for small business  seems in  two types in Sri Lanka.  Most of email campaigns are bulk email captains that are without permission.  This method is not invalid yet in Sri Lanka.  Email marketingBut permission base email marketing is best method to increase your target market. such as sign  up newsletter from your website or Facebook. You can grab thousands of business by sending emails every day.

Google My Business.

It is a pretty tool that people can call , ask direction and visit your website directly form Google search. Google My Business helps to increase your website visibility and your business contacts. as a web consultant, Webmart team  implement Google my business in free of charge with our responsive web design package


Writing blog post or blog articles is best way to boost your content marketing footprint. you can include experts experiences and technical resources with your article. You can explain process of your business by using videos. If you can continue blog article once a week it ill help to increase your website visibility than your competitors. Do you need affordable content writing in Sri Lanka. Call now: +94 71 587 7632

Social Media.

There are different type of social media platform in the world. such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Which platform do you like to implement into your small business in 2018. Answer is ; First your decide your customer base. and choose the best social media channel to boost your business. If you have any questions contact us now

Why Our websites work?

Answer: Select best social media channels, Get more customers, Increase repeat business


  1. Targeted Traffic: Our websites build from the ground level up to traffic generation
  2. Persuasive Content: We identify visitors or customers needs and what information’s need to persuade to the call to action
  3. Calls to Action: Call to action is one of key success in your website. We use unique briefing formulator to success.

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